My husband's ex-wife is running our life. My wife thinks I'm too hard her daughter. We don't agree on how to parent. Does the Bible really speak to all of this? Yes, it does! The Bible is as old as time...and so is the stepfamily. If you're like most stepfamilies you feel alone, lost and overwhelmed. Maybe you're discouraged and wonder if the love you two shared at the altar is enough to withstand all the challenges coming your way. Is is true that you are unique...but you are not alone.

Get the step-by-step parenting help you've been looking for The Parenting Tool Box section of the book. Learn how to out-love your spouse so he or she will out-love you. Discover how to be the coolest stepparent your kids could ever imagine. Let God create a home characterized by fun, life-long friendships and love. Get the plan, get on board, and glorify God.